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Sa, 19. Apr 2014, 19:17
Easter Greetings

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my friends!

Sa, 28. Dez 2013, 22:10

I received some lovely Christmas cards, gifts and yummy cookies and that made me real happy. :) So a big 'Thank You' goes out to alienat, bugmcsnug, cmc1964, kathi22 and aelia1980! ~bearhug~

So, 14. Apr 2013, 22:43
Birthday wishes

aelia1980, alienat and kathi22 - thanks so much for the birthday wishes I received via e-card, email and LJ-post! They made me smile and my day a bit brighter!
cmc1964 - your package arrived right on time and was a lovely surprise! Thank you so much!

I had a really awesome birthday. Hubby prepared an opulent breakfast and decorated the table with a bouquet of roses and candles. In the afternoon our friends came over for coffee and cake and we had such a good time they stayed until late into the night. Today we celebrated with my mom, my sister and her family and my godmother. We went to a restaurant because I don't have room for that many people and I enjoyed that I didn't have to cook. Two of my nieces play the violin and before everyone headed home they played some Irish pieces of music as a surprise for me. Loved it. :)
The third part of the celebration will take place in summer...it's going to be a BBQ with hubby's side of the family, because not all of them had time this weekend. It's ok...this way I have time to recover from all the party stress. :D

Do, 14. Feb 2013, 09:33
To my flist

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Mo, 31. Dez 2012, 12:15
To my flist

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everybody! I hope it's a great one, filled with love and joy and everything else you wish for!

Sa, 29. Dez 2012, 21:28

A cute bear and two yummy men turned up at my journal and I want to thank spn_j2fan, cmc1964 and aelia1980 for them! They brightened my day! ~hugs~

Sa, 22. Dez 2012, 23:07
To my flist

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May the Holiday Season and the New Year bring only happiness and joy to you and your loved ones

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